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The Question?


What's the biggest barrier to kids getting access to education worldwide?

Abigail and Skye
Over 140 million children are not in school. Every day in dozens of countries around the world there are kids going to work instead of school, especially girls. Poverty, lack of resources and terrorism are also some reasons kids are not in school. Those aren’t just the reasons. Another reason is the cost and abuse and so is neglect. Some of the countries are very poor and they don’t have the money to pay for their kids to go to school or if they don’t have a school then they won’t have enough money to build a school either.
Some reasons why kids can't have a education is because either they can’t afford an education or that their parents think that they can teach their child everything they know, because some parents think that they know everything. Another reason is because they kids gets homesick and refuses not to. And also because some countries girls still can’t get a education. Also the lack of the resources so they can't have a education or some parents are just mean and they don't think that there child deserves an education. Some parents think that chores are more important than an education. or some kids in Africa don't have a home or parents and there is no school around them or that kids might be in a foster home and the owner is mean and won't pay for a proper education or even in general a education period.

Lee and Breanna!!
Some of the biggest issues are that there is not enough money to supply the supplies needed for a proper education. In a lot of the poor areas adults don't have their own schooling to provide a proper teachers education and the parents don't care.
Lee’s opinion. I think because of the government that is in the area they don't provide the resources they need to get the proper education in their school.

Ian (Kaydn’s friend)
I think that some kids can’t get the proper education because they don’t have enough money and they don’t have good schools
Andrew C., Adrian M. and Cameron                                                                     

We think some kids don’t get as much education as we do because some countries don’t have electronics and/or schools because they can’t afford it. In some countries their parent’s won’t let them go to school. Some of their parents might think the kids at the school will make fun of the child so they won’t let the kid go to school. Some people don’t have jobs so their kids won’t be able to go to school. Parent’s sometimes don’t have enough money to send the kid to school.

Chelsey and Denyce and Katelynne
70 million kids are not getting education. Some countries don't have schools. The kids in North Africa are least likely to go to school. They can't afford to go to school. Some kids have to work instead. Some kids parents have AIDS so the kids have to stay home. Some kids parents don't think school is important. Girls are far less likely to go to school than boys in the poorest countries. This happens.the parents are scared their kids will get bullied. Parents think girls should be a housewife. The rich countries promise to the poor that they would keep their education system going. Some people in the world don’t have education because they don’t have enough money to build a school because was no school back then. Their parents don’t have any money to let them go to school.

Around 1001 million first grade aged children lacked access to schools. A foundation is testing whether poor children, who are given computers and learning software, can teach themselves. People are seeing if illiterate children, with no previous exposure to written words, can learn how to read by themselves by experimenting with tablets.  The tablets are preloaded with alphabet training games, e-books, movies, cartoons, paintings, and other programs.  "Early observations are encouraging.", said Nicholas Negertine, OLPC's founder, at MIT technology review Emtech conference.

Dora and Alisha

The rich gets higher marks on average and tests because of their money. A rich kid could be really smart but usually, they get more education than a poor-medium family. In lots of countries, kids can’t even go to school. It’s either a poor family, poor country, or a country under attack. Something always to block the country’s way of providing education. Also, in some countries, the country puts a lack of effort to give girls an education and will forbid them, because the leaders in those countries, think that all girls can do just cleaning , make food, and be a maid. Some big barriers for girls is the... drama! All girls have to go through this. The fights, and mean comments are not helping.
In the small town of Dukem in Ethiopia, many girls are removed from school much earlier than their brothers. This is because, they also think there that girls have no reason for an education or their parents are worried about rape, harassment and are worried about the teachers and students.  Most girls there are also married at earlier than age 18. In different countries, you also have to pay to go to school.
In  Afghanistan, an 8 year old girl named Farida was forcibly engaged to hang out with a 21 year old man. She was also forced to leave school at age 12 because the man said he would kill her if she didn’t. Eventually Farida convinced her parents to allow her to attend a human rights course with HAWCA. One of their lawyers visited the man’s family to explain that the engagement could be legally broken because she was underage. “My lawyer and the centre helped me return to school and I have been advising other girls Farida meet to defend their rights.
What is HAWCA?
HAWCA stands for:
Humanitarian Assistance (for) Women (and) children (of)  Afghanistan.
This has been around since 1999.
This helps the women and children of   Afghanistan with Assistance, Care, and Humanitarian.
What does Humanitarian mean?
Humanitarianism is an kindness, benevolence, and sympathy extended into the human bodies.
Lot’s of the girls got bossed around by the boys. While the boys were at work, the girls would stay home and have to do all the cleaning. Then when the man and the boys got back then they would be like get me this and this and the girls would have to do what they say.

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