Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why is Fire Hot?
Lee, Owen, Kadyn, Andrew C.

In fire there is heat, oxygen, fuel and a chain reaction. There is carbon monoxide in the oxygen that makes it combust with the fuel that create heat. This is what causes the chain reaction. Fire can combust at any time, it just needs the four things to make it happen.

How do you put caramel in chocolate like in  Caramel Bar?
Abi, Alisha, Skye

They have a machine that does it for them. It makes the chocolate hollow and then the machine uses a syringe to put the caramel in. The chocolate solid is made from cocoa, butter, sugar and milk.

What is the best medicine for allergies?
Dora, Andrew W., Nick, Curtis

The top 10 medicine's to help with allergies are:

Advil Allergy and Sinus
Advil Cold and Sinus
Alavert B12
Aleve Sinus and Headache
Alerga Allergy
Allerga 12 hour
Tylenol Sinus

A natural remedy also works. 1 tablespoon of honey a day will soothe your throat.

In conclusion there isn't one that is a best medicine. All of our bodies are different. Advil might work for one person and Tylenol for another.

Who was the first person to get to the North Pole?
Cameron, Caden, Emily, Denyce

Robert Peary was the first person to get to the North Pole. He reached the North Pole on April 6 1909, along with his employee Matthew Henson. Peary was born on May 6 1856. He died on February 20th 1920.

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