Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013

How Do Volcanoes Form?
By Keeshan, Stewart, Denyce, Cody

When molten rock from mantle moves up to the surface through the crust it forms hills. As more molten lava moves up the hill gets higher. Gasses and ash are released as well. Volcanoes are formed when the earths tectonic plates collide and form a peak. Magma is released through the opening. Volcanoes are found all over the world.

Why Do Flies Cluster Around An Animal's Eyes?
By Mia, Abi, Aaliyah

Face Flies feed on secretions, nectar, dung and liquids. Adult female Face Flies cluster around an animal's eyes, mouth muzzle and rear end causing the animal to feel extreme annoyance.Activity around the eyes allows the flies to give the animal eye diseases, parasites, pink eye and eye worms. Male flies feed on nectar and dung. Dung is poop.

Why Do Bulls Charge At Red?
By Adrian D., Aidan, Caden

Bulls are colour blind so when they see objects they are not red. Bulls only charge at rapid movements, like when a cape is waved. That bull's hate red is a myth.

By Cameron, Hunter, Alisha, Dora

Bats have webbed wings, which makes them capable of sustained flight. Their wings are broad which provide lift for flight.Not all bats eat insects. Some eat fruit. Many bats in temperate areas mate in fall and hibernate in winter. There are over a thousand types of bats. They have really sharp teeth. They are the only mammals that truly fly. A little brown bat lived for 34 years in New England. One Hungry bat can eat over 1000 insects in a day. The phrase blind as a bat isn't really true. Bats are not blind and rely on their hearing, sight and echo locution. Bats help farmers because they eat the insects that make fruit and vegetables go bad. Bat's flying around you on a summer night are not going for you but for the mosquitoes and moths that are flying around you.

How was the Great Pyramid Giza Built?
Olivia, Katelynne, Reyah

Giza was built 4500 years ago. It took 2.3 million blocks to build it. Limestone was carried across the Nile River. The blocks were carried, dragged and pulled from where they were carved to the site. It took over 14 years to build the outside of the pyramid. They had been using a ramp method to build it.

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