Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why do people have two eyes?
Kadyn, Adrian, Hunter

Each eye sees things from a different angle creating a slightly different picture. Together they provide one full picture of what we see.

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How do they make hats?
Katelynne, Rheya, Caoihme

Hats can be made from almost anything but good hats are made from felt. Most people think of felt as smoother or tougher than cotton or wool fabric. Hats can be made of fur felt or wool felt. Some hats are hand crafted or sewn. Party hats are made by rolling a piece of cardboard and fastening it together.

Why does it hurt when you break a bone?
Abi, Denyce, Andrew, Olivia

It depends on which bone you break and how bad the break is. Most of the pain comes within the first few hours the day the break happens. The body's response is swelling and bruising of the tissues around the break. This is the bodies way of trying to pad the area for protection and supply it with a rich blood supply to hurry up the healing. The painful bruising is caused by the blood vessels around the bone that is broken. Bones are the body's storage area for calcium. Breaks can be difficult to diagnose in children lack calcium so it cannot be seen in an x-ray and because growth plates may disguise or hide the break.  Breaks and fractures mean the same thing. The most often bones broken are fingers, arms, elbows and wrists. In America 50% of the people have broken at least 2-4 bones. Breaking a bone doesn't hurt. It is the nerves around the bone that hurts.

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