Friday, January 31, 2014

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock
by Alisha

He was born January 28th 1912. He was born in New York. His birth name was Paul Jackson Pollock. He is nationally American. When he was a boy he loved to explore. He has 4 older brothers. He and his 4 older brothers received no religious education. His friends and family would describe him as childish trouble. He would smoke, he left high school in 1930. He didn't finish high school. In 1930 he decided to drop his birth name “Paul.” In late 1930 he sketched Picasso’s Guernica. He occasionally stole food and gasoline.  Jackson Pollock died at age 44. He died August 11th 1956, he died in New York. He died in a single car crash. He crashed into a tree and he was killed. He was drinking the night he was killed. He crashed his car 1 mile away from home. His wife died June 19th, 1984. She was 76 years old when she died.
    His fathers name was Leroy, his father died March 6th 1933. When Jackson was 15 he drank alcohol. On July 21, 1937, Pollock was arrested for drunkenness and breach of the peace. He married another artist named Lee Krasner, his wife was born on October 27th 1908. He did his paintings on the floor, Jackson Pollock was very well known for his unique drip paintings. He was a famous painter,

He would splatter art onto a canvas and it would look fantastic on how he did it. He would ask his wife Lee Krasner after he was done his painting he would ask “Is this a painting?” He would love to paint, before he was a painter he was interested in sculpturing.  One time he was a janitor with his brother, once he was a cleaner for cleaning statues.  He worked late and slept through the morning. In 1955 he abandoned his passport.  The first of his paintings that was in a museum was called She-Wolf. The She-Wolf was bought by the MoMa for $650.

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