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by Olivia, Rheya, Jaylah and Jaycee

Callixa Lavallee was a music teacher in Quebec. He was also known as Canada’s national musician. He needed to change a poem by Judge Adolphe-Basile Routhier into music. The song he made would be played during Congress National des Canadiens-Francais (National Congress of French Canadians) and then that poem became famous and it became known as the song to represent Canada… Oh Canada was written in 1880. It officially became Canada’s national anthem in 1980. 

How Does Electricity Work?
by Cody, Dora, Denyce

In Electricity there is the movement of electrons. Electrons are tiny particles that orbit the nucleus of an atom. An atom is the basic unit of a chemical element. An example of electricity would be that electricity is like water in a hose. The electrons are the water and the wire is the hose. The nucleus also stays in the same spot and the electrons jump from nucleus to nucleus when the power surge is turned on.

Bobby Orr   
Abi, Alisha, Mia, Andrew
His full name is Robert Gordon Orr. He was born on March 20th 1948 in Perry Sound Ontario. He is left handed. He is 5 foot 1. He started hockey at 5 years of age. He is a professional hockey player. He joined the Boston Bruins in 1966. He played with the Boston Bruins for 10 seasons. He played for the black hawks for an additional 2 years. His hockey career went from 1966-1978. He was in the NHL for over 12 seasons. His number 4 is now retired. He was inducted into the hockey hall of fame in 1979 at age 31, the youngest person to even be inducted. He was a defenceman. He is one of the best hockey players of all time. He has the record for the most assists and goals by a defenceman. He scored 46 goals in 1 season. His national team is Canada. After his hockey career he became a well-known scout for many professional teams.  Later he became a Players Agent. Bobby Orr was named the second team all-star his first year  in the NHL. His first game was against Detroit Red Wings. He comes to Oshawa regularly to watch OHL games.

PK Subban
By Katelynne

P.K. Subban is a Canadian professional ice hockey player. He plays defense for the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL. P.K. spent his junior career with the Bellville Bulls of the OHL. He was born in Toronto on May 13 1989. Now he is 24 He has two brothers. Malcolm Subban plays goal for the Boston Bruins. His brother Jordan plays for the Belleville Bulls. All 3 brothers played for the Belleville Bulls. His parents are Maria Subban and Karl Subban.
PK real name is Pernell Karl Subban. His hockey team number is 76.

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