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Individual SOLE April 30

Why Are Some People Afraid To Die?
 By: Lindsay

People are afraid to die because they enjoy life too much. People are afraid to die because they never know what is going to happen after you die. People are afraid to die because they are afraid of the unknown. People are afraid to die because it is way too frightening to them. Not everyone is afraid of dying. A reason why people are not afraid to die is because they hate their life so they want to die. That is why people commit suicide. People are afraid of dying because they never know when there are going to die. People that are afraid to die focus on the quality of life. People that are afraid to die try to live there life’s while they can. Some people make a bucket list. A bucket list is a list of things the person wants to do before they die. Someone could die just whenever. They could commit a suicide. They could die of natural causes. They could die of old age. Dying could happen any minute of any day. So for those that are afraid of dying I suggest you use every single second of your life to have fun and to live your life because you never know when you will die. 

Why Are Male Calico Cats Rare?
By: Jorja (who wants a cat) my 2nd sole that’s only by me XD () _ () 0.0 21

A Calico is a type of cat. It has white fur with orange and black patches. Female (orange) tabbies are also rare. How rare are they? Only 1 in 3,000 calico cats are male. A chromosome is gene and other things about the gender.  Females have 2 (XX) chromosomes. Males only have one X chromosome. When a male has XXY that means it’s a male calico or a female tabby. When a cat has XXY that’s called Klinefelter syndrome. You may want a male calico because they are so rare but, they are sterile. Sterile means not good for kids or people especially Kids. Male calicos are rare enough but only 1 in 10,000 of those male calicoes are not sterile. Calicos just like most cats, they are domestic.  They are very similar to tortoiseshell cats but no white. There is a famous tortoiseshell cat named Venus, she is so famous because of her face half tabby half black cat. In total of what the Males have of the chromosomes they have an XY. When they have an extra X that makes them a male calico. When it’s female with XXY it’s often a female tabby. These are some examples of how it could be an XXY….
XX + Y = XXY
XY + X = XXY (same thing but different order)
Male calicos spray.
It depends what order the chromosomes come in. when a 2 cats make a kitten it all depends. Male calicoes are not a good idea for a pet sadly. L
Did you know not only cats have chromosomes, humans to same gender so same type of chromosomes?

Why Do People Bully Each Other?
By Matthew P.

People bully each other because they are jealous of them because they can do the cool things that make them jealous. When they bully you they think that it makes them feel good about themselves. We can all stop bulling by helping out one another. We can stand up for the person to make them feel good. The bullies want to see how the people get mad. When they get mad they think it is funny (but it is not). A way to bully them is to call them names like red head and making them feel bad about themselves. If you are a bully think about a lot of people bullying you. Would you want that? I know that I don’t. Some people have really hard feelings so they take things really hard about something. Today we can help stop bulling by standing up. It you want the bully to stop bulling you can be nice to them and say nice things to them so then you could be best friends. Sometimes people bully each other because they are have a hard time at home or their parents break up. Some people just like to bully other people because they just want to get their anger out on someone. Some people bully people because a boy may have a different shirt that may be purple so that’s makes people bully him. If you are about to bully someone think about it first before you do. There is many ways for people to bully each other and that is not good. If you are getting bully a lot tell someone like your teacher of your mom or dad to get them to stop. I think all schools should have a no bully zone. Bullies just like to bully other people just for fun. Let’s say that someone does not know something is that right to tell other people that is just sad.

Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

Women wear make-up because some women don’t think they are pretty or look pretty.  Women want to look nice for everyone. Some women do not care to wear make they think they are pretty just the way they are. Some make-up products are used on animals.  Some women have no self-confidence for themselves.  Did you know that some girls take up to 3 to 4 hours on their make-up. That is crazy! Just think of what other things you can do in that time. Over millions of women put on makeup. Women put on makeup because they think men like it but really some just don’t, they think that women should show their real face. Three quarters of men don’t like makeup. Some men call makeup war paint. I am not sure why. Women do their face about 1, 500 times a year that is so crazy. 40 per cent of guys do not like the fake tans. 33 per cent guys don’t like red lipstick.  Other 5 per cent don’t like the fake eye lashes or eye browns. 70% of women will not leave house without makeup why? Women will not leave the house without makeup because they don’t want to show there face to the people, they might think that they will get bullied but really it is not like you are going to see those people again unless you just see them walking. They are also not going to come up to you and say put some makeup on please and tell you that kind of stuff.  Why do women wear makeup? Because they have no self-confidence and they just want to look pretty.
Why Do Some Kids Have Learning Disabilities?
By. Anya

A learning disability has not have anything to do with the person. Learning disabilities are problems that affect the brain's ability to receive, process, analyze, or store information. There are many kinds of learning disabilities. Most kids that are affected by more than one kind of learning disabilities some disabilities can make it difficult for a student to read, write, spell, or solve math problems. Nearly 4 million school-age kids and teens have learning disabilities and at least 20% of them have a type of disorder that makes it difficult to focus. You can't tell by looking that a person has a learning disability. Learning disabilities usually first show up when a person has difficulty speaking reading, writing, figuring out a math problem or communicating with a parent or paying attention in class. Some kids' learning disabilities are diagnosed in school when a parent or a teacher notices the kid can't follow directions for a game or is struggling to do work him or she should be able to do easily. Most learning disabilities fall into one of two categories: verbal and nonverbal. People with verbal learning disabilities have difficulty with words, both spoken and written. The most common and best-known verbal learning disability is dyslexia which causes people to have trouble recognizing or processing letters and the sounds.

How Were Bricks Made?
By: James Swaine.

Making bricks was a big process. They are made out of clay and shale, then fired up cooked in heat of 2000F degrees hot (Yeah, THAT HOT, NOT JOKING!) while going through one chemical-transforming vitrification process. Then the minerals in the clay/shale will fuse together to make a material that looks great and strong. This material is called a “Brick”, a very strong material that is used for most houses nowadays. Without bricks, we would have houses made of steel, stone, and wood. 100% of the schools I know are made of brick. I have never seen a school that is NOT brick. So bricks are very important. In ancient Egypt, they do use clay and shale, but instead of heating it they put the clay/shale together to make the “Shape” of a brick. Then they set it out in the sun to dry. The main purpose of bricks was to protect ourselves from dangerous creatures and fires. Bricks are 40% resistant to fire (I think), making bricks very strong. They were also used in the 3 Little Pig’s book. This is showing just how bricks can also stand strong wind. That is why bricks are very important in life. Without bricks, there could be easy fires, strong winds possibly blowing down the houses easier, and more bad possibilities. But some people think that brick-shape made from different materials is just like genuine clay brick. Unfortunately, this mistaken tune can lead to disappointment.

Can Crayons Be Used As Candles?

If the power at your house goes out and you don’t have any candles or flashlights, you can use a crayon or crayon(s), as a candle until your power comes back on. A lit crayon will burn for about 30 minutes. The name for crayons being used as candles is crayandle. The name crayandle, is mix of Crayon and candle. I don’t know when the crayandle was made but the person who made it might not have made it on purpose or they could have just been experimenting. It has only been proven to burn for about 30 minutes with a Crayola crayon. Crayola crayons are made from paraffin wax and colour pigment. The paraffin wax is melted and mixed with colour pigment giving the crayon colour. Crayola crayons are made from a type of wax, like candles so that is how crayons burn. When the crayons burn, the colour of wax drips off making it into a form of liquid until the liquid dries. Using crayons as candles might not work with all crayons because not all crayons might be made from the same wax as Crayola. It takes about 6 matches to light a crayon. You can light a crayon with a match or lighter. Since it is wax and paper burning, it is not a nice smell like a scented candle would be. Instead of using one crayon for a candle, you can make a big candle made of a bunch of crayons. Crayola crayons were invented in 1902 by Binney and smith. Crayola crayons first sold their crayons in 1903. It is easier to light the pointed part of the crayon so the crayon will stand up when you put it down. If you decide to do this experiment, don’t let children under the age of 9 near the lighter/match and the light crayon. To make sure the crayon wax won’t drip on the floor, counter or where ever you put it, you can put the lit crayon in a glass cup like a big scented candle. One of the candles in the picture below is an example of a big candle in a glass cup.

How Was Candy Invented And How Is It Made?
By Heaven

  Candy is a sweet desert made up of lots of sugars, fruits, nuts, figs you name it they probably have it in a candy flavour. For example there are such candy flavours as bacon .It is believed that candy was dated back to 2000BC. Cave men made candy out of honey by drying it out and making it into a taffy like substance to crave there sweet tooth. It is believed that Indians were the first one to use the sugary sweet juice of sugar cane and that they were the first to make brown sugar.  Ancient Egyptians were supposed to be the first ones who made candy. Candy was used to worship their gods and goddesses. They used honey and added nuts and figs dates and spices. Around the Same time Greeks used honey to make candied fruits stems and flowers and they discovered how to make syrup out of dates and figs. The roman and Chinese made sugar candies with honey that were heated.  Other forms of candy were developed over the world.  The Chinese made all their favourites like licorice and nuts and ginger with sugar. Arabs invented caramel which was originally used for hair. During the Middle Ages candy became very popular.  Candy was for the rich because sugar was expensive. Aside from sugar candy was also made by combining honey and fruits. Cocoa was invented in Mexico in 1519.In the 14th century chocolate was usually served in liquid form. Christopher Columbus brought cocoa to Europe. The invention of rock candy happened in the 15th century and was originally used for medicine. Back then you can buy 5 Hershey’s chocolate bars for 19 cents. Back then for candy they used to just eat honey but then they rolled nuts and figs and fruits in the honey.

What Are People Allergic To And How Is It Triggered?
By Mason

Not everybody in the world is allergic to something, some people can be allergic to cats and some people aren’t. The immune system reacts to a substance called allergens. There are a lot of common allergies such as latex, poison plant, animal scratches, pollen, bee stings, medicine, nuts and shell fish, dust, mold and mildew, and animal’s dander. Here are some treatments to help the allergies go away, Capsules and pills, Eye drops, Injection, Liquid, Nasal spray. People with asthma are allergic to stuff such as pollen, some foods, and other stuff. Mostly little kids are allergic to some food, but some adults can be allergic to some food just not as much as children are. The most common allergy season is summer because all the flowers are blooming which is pollen, and animals are outside which can be animal dandruff, and other stuff people are allergic to. It is impossible to be allergic to the animal’s fur you can only be allergic to the scratches, and the dandruff it carries. Every person has a different allergy only if they are allergic. The most common foods that kids and adults are allergic too are, Wheat, and nuts.

How Are Islands Created?
 Matthew H

An island is a body of land that is surrounded by a body of water. The continents are not islands. But some islands are part of continents. There are many different types of islands. The six major types of islands are tidal, barrier, oceanic, coral, and artificial. When a volcano erupts the lava builds on top of each other. And then when the layers of lava break the surface of the water and island is formed. Most islands are small but some are very big. Greenland is a good example of a very big island. Greenland it the biggest island in the world. Greenland covers 2,175,597 square kilometers. Hawaii has more than one magma chamber that’s why there are more than one volcanoes in Hawaii. Madagascar has a big jungle on it. Madagascar is inhabited by more than 100 species of life form. There are countless islands in the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers. Islands can get bigger over time but it will take hundreds of years for and island to grow 1 foot bigger. Islands have been around for more than 11,000 years. One of the oldest islands is Atlantis but it was just a myth. No one knows if Atlantis was real or not.
Why Do Our Adult Teeth Come In Crooked?

By: Emma Aka the dinosaur 

All of a child's first 20 primary teeth should come in between the ages of 6 months and 3 years. Lower teeth often appear 1 to 2 months before the upper teeth.  Some of their primary teeth will come out at the age of 5 or 6. After the first couple of primary teeth come out, new adult teeth will start to break through the gums and take over the place where the primary teeth have recently fallen out. After the permanent teeth have replaced the primary teeth, the child's last molars will come in (four second molars and four wisdom teeth). This takes place sometime during ages 12 to 21. Some wisdom teeth have to be removed. A change in the order in which the teeth come in may indicate a problem, such as an infection or not enough space for the tooth to grow. Teeth can come in crooked because the primary teeth have been in for too long so there for the adult teeth will try to push out but the primary teeth will still stay so then that will cause crowding in the mouth. When there is crowding in the mouth, the teeth could shift over and cover even more adult teeth and become more crowded. If there is lots of crowding then it’s a good idea to talk to your dentist/orthodontist to correct the crowding and other problems in the mouth. Once you’ve gone to the dentist or the orthodontist they will decide what will be the best treatment for your teeth. About 85% of kids will get braces to correct their teeth. All teeth are fixable with braces. The quicker you get braces, the quicker your teeth will be corrected. Normally a person will have 32 adult teeth (including the wisdom if not pulled). Sometimes crooked teeth can be genetic, but not in the way you might think. If your father has big adult teeth and your mother has a small jaw that could mean you have big teeth and a small jaw, which could mean that there is going to be a lot of crowding in your mouth. Sometimes if there is a lot of crowding in your mouth and there are teeth behind teeth you might have to get some pulled to prevent more crowding. People can have bucked teeth because they sucked their thumb when they were a baby. When baby’s suck their thumb they put their thumb tightly between their upper and lower teeth when their mouth is closed. That places pressure on the upper front teeth and pushes them out. At the same time the lower teeth are pushed back into the mouth which can cause crowding. In some cases, extra teeth develop and crowding occurs because there isn’t enough room.   There is also something called an under bite, when the lower jaw pushes forward causing the lower jaw and teeth to extend out beyond the upper teeth. Some kids get their molars at a young age which causes crowding because they are so big that they shift over and take up room for teeth in the back of your mouth.   

Are Flamingos Naturally Pink?
NO flamingos are not pink. Flamingos are naturally white. Flamingos are pink from what they eat. They eat Brine shrimp to turn pink. They also eat clams to turn pink. They scoop up shrimp in their curved beaks then they hold their beak upside down to strain out the mud and water, then they swallow the shrimp

Can Certain Animals Live In A Volcano?

The animals will start to evolve differently from chemicals in the volcano. Jaguars can be found at the very top. Some volcanos are underwater so some water life might live there. Some birds are found at the top of volcanos. The slopes on the volcano is its own ecosystem inside itself. Plants around it or at the top can make the animals go there to eat. Eruptions can form wildlife by mixing with the chemicals. The animals can safely live there because they can detect when the eruption is coming and go before it erupts. Some of the volcanoes are meant for animals because of certain plant life. In the underwater volcanos animals like fish, crabs and shrimp can live there. There are many bugs that will live inside or outside the volcano. The way they develop differently is by when it erupts they come back and the chemicals will make change overtime. They live by eating off the volcano. The way the plants grow is by the ash in the volcano. Some of the plants that grow there are coffee beans, grapes and moss for the animals to feed off of. In the underwater volcanoes the animals feed off of hard lave and other dead fish killed from poison. In the underwater volcanoes the shrimp will fight each other because there are two types of shrimp.

Why Do Animals Become Endangered Species?
By: Peyton

Animals become endangered species because they are getting hunted. Here are some endangered species: polar bears, giant pandas, snow leopards and rhinos. Did you know that the American alligator was almost extinct? One animal that was not seen for almost 2 or 3 months had been rediscovered and the population was more than it was before. The main reason animals are becoming endangered is that we are cutting trees down and using it to make houses and other things. We are draining water from rivers and using that for crops.
If we didn’t cut down so many trees animals would live better.

Why Invented Laptops?
By Marlene

Laptops were invented in 1981. Adam Osborne invented the first portable computer. The first laptop was called Osborne 1. The first laptop cost 1,795. Laptops use to weigh up to 25 pounds back then and they were also called luggables because they were so heavy. Laptops have grown smaller throw out the years.  Laptops are like computers but the keyboard for a laptops connects with the screen. Laptops changed threw out the 2000s. The first laptop screen was 5 inches long and the keyboard was in the lid of the laptop. Adam Osborne was born March the 16th 1939 and died March 18th 2003.

Why Do We Need To Learn So Much In School?
By Jenson

We need to learn so much in school because there are so many different jobs that require different things you need to know and if we only learn one or two things we would only be qualified for some jobs. We also need to learn so much because we wouldn’t know how to pay the bills. You wouldn’t know how to do math or read and type so not many people would have jobs. The reason is because get a job or the whole school doesn’t want the same job so they need to know different things for different jobs. And some jobs require two or three different subjects. And because if you study all your life to be one thing and you don’t get it you won’t know what to do for any other job. Also because if there are no jobs there are no stores open.

Where Does Water Come From If We Drank It All?
By Harper

We take the water that we used and then clean it so we can drink it again. First we take water from the ocean and clean it by using a machine to pull out the sea salt. Then they bottle it and put it in stores for us to buy. Next we drink it and then use the washroom and it goes to the sewer and is taken to the ocean. Then we can find it and start the whole thing again. But for people like us we don’t have an ocean so get our water from the lake and because of that we don’t have to unsalt it because lakes have no salt but we still clean it. And people in the country have to get water out of a well or a pump that connects to a lake or river or a pond or some sort of water.

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