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SOLE May 7 Drugs Research

What Are Drugs?

By Heaven, Kiera, Keely and Anya !

There are different drugs. Drugs are a medicine or substance. Drugs have an effect when digested into the body.  Drugs are chemicals that change the way that the body works .Medicines are legal drugs, That means that the doctor can prescribe the drugs to them .Cigarettes and alcohol are legal and you must be 21 or older to buy alcohol and 18 to buy cigarettes .Some drugs are powder like cocaine, Now on the other hand there are illegal drugs, some of the illegal drugs are marijuana, Cocaine, ecstasy, crystal meth, Heroin. Sometimes kids and teens try drugs to fit in or just to get rid of problems just like alcohol.  They might be willing to risk their life to impress people or to try and try suicide. Cocaine can cause a heart attack .Drugs don’t solve problems and you get hallucinations. There are people that sell drugs on the streets called drug dealers .Never take anything from strangers on the street, only take things from people you know or if you are in a safe environment. You can tell if someone drugs if they lost interest in school, change friends (hanging out with people who use drugs).  Become mad or sad and can’t control emotions, asked to be left alone a lot, having trouble concentrating. Sleep a lot even in school, gets in fights for no reason, have red or puffy eyes, lose or gain weight, cough a lot or have a runny nose all the time. 

Why Do People Take Drugs?
By: James, Harper, Emma, Matt P

To start things of, first reason could be because people are really depressed, second reason is because people think it’s cool for a strange reason, really strange reason.
A few more reasons is that they could be doing it because they are really tempted to do it and sometimes “Dared” for a dumb reason, really dumb reason, and another is because people they feel like it.
Can also be caused by Enjoyment somehow, and can also be caused by the environment while one other reason why people take drugs because they want to change something of their lives, for example, people could take drugs to: Fit in, Escape or Relax, To Relieve boredom, to seem Grown Up, to rebel, or To Experiment
Another reason is they get bored sometimes and think it will help which is not even true, and last of all, people would take drugs because they want to show that they are manly and seem grown up.

Why Do People Take Drugs?
By: James, Harper, Emma, Matt. P

There are many different ways you can tell if someone is on drugs. Now we are going to tell you some of the different ways. One of the ways you can tell if someone is on drugs is, there is sudden changes in their behavior. You can tell if someone is on drugs because they will have mood swings. They will have withdrawal from family members. Most people want to look their best in public, but people who are on drugs don’t care about their grooming or appearance. They will have loss of interests, for example: they won’t be interested in doing the stuff they normally do. If someone is on drugs you might notice a change in their sleeping pattern. Someone on drugs might have red eyes, glassy eyes, the sniffles or a runny nose.  One of the main ways you can tell if someone is on drugs is because they will likely have urges for drugs. They will have a lack of energy and might not want to do anything physical because they are too tired. They will get a dry mouth. They will have paranoid thinking and might have trouble focusing. They will have a fairly increased appetite. If you are on drugs, you will have decreased coordination. Someone on drugs might be more relaxed then they would normally feel because if they have trouble thinking they might not try to think at all. Someone on drugs might vomit a lot, have chest pain, dizziness, panic attacks, tremors, confusion, slurred speech and depression. Someone on drugs might also have chills and sweating, pour judgement, irregular heartbeats, dilated pupils, extreme loss of weight, muscle cramps, decreased inhibition, rashes around the nose and the mouth, seizures and convulsions. A person on drugs might change their wardrobe to their mood. People on drugs might have problems at school or work. After having dr8ugs and being on drugs for a while the person would probably have physical health issues. Someone on drugs might steal some money and go spending unreasonable amounts of money on drugs or other stuff they think they need. Someone who is on drugs might have some unusual smells from their breath, body or clothing. If someone is on drugs they might have a lack of motivation. Drugs can come in chewable tablets or in needle. Drugs might look like candy if they are in the chewable tablet form, but if you see something like that on the ground tell an adult and don’t pick it up and eat it. For your own safety, SAY NO TO DRUGS!

How Do Drugs Affect You?
Moody Mason Jenson and Ben

If you take a little dose of drugs you can get sped up. If you take a medium dose of drugs it can slow you down. And if took a big dose of drugs you can get poisoned or die. Drugs are chemicals. Only some drugs will directly affect the minds. Drugs can go in different ways. You can get them from sniffing them, you can eat them and get them from a needle. Drugs block all the different sensations. Drugs can change the way your body works.  You can get paranoia and get scared. You get addicted very fast. Drugs will affect the mind. You can get hallucinations. Some of the drugs will make you aggressive. Taking drugs can make you lose self-control.

Why Do We Have Drugs?
By: Jumah, Jorja ,Peytoon and Lindsay

Most drugs are natural, so then someone came along and made it a drug. Whoever did it, didn’t know that it was bad. This is a list of some of the natural drugs
-         Heroin
-         Blue agave
-         Cocaine
-         Sudafed
-         Shrooms
-         Aspirin
-         Ecstasy
-         Penicillin
-         Then someone made it a drug. The person who created each drug did not mean for it to be so bad and dangerous. People take them because they want to change their lives or they want to fit in with their friends. Some people use drugs to relax or escape from the problems they face daily. Some are bored and need to find other things to do with their time. Other people use drugs to test themselves or the boundaries of society. Some people use them to help make them feel grown up. Some people believe that drugs help them but later find that it does the opposite

How Do You Stop Taking Drugs?
By Marlene, Alison and Braydon

It takes time to heal from taking drugs. It’s hard to stop taking drugs and it is called drug addiction. Some people can’t stop taking drugs. They need special help to get them off drugs.Alcohol is a type of drug and Tobacco is also a type of drug and Marijuana is also a type of drug also Cocaine is a type of drug. There’s 3 different kind of drugs over the counter drugs illegal drugs and prescribed drugs. People sometimes take drugs because they are depressed.
Why Are Drugs Bad For You?
Tyson and Tye

Here are some types of things that happen to you when you do drugs: lung cancer, rotten teeth and hair loss. Drugs cause physical dependence and addiction. Here are some drugs symptoms:  insomnia dilated pupils drugs. Loss of appetite. Can cause unrepairable damage to brain cells.

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