Friday, March 24, 2017

Education vs Schooling

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Education is a lifetime of work. Schooling lasts for 13 years.

Education is filled with your own ideas that have developed with much thought and practice, Schooling is filled up with thoughts and ideas that you are suppose to learn but most of which you have either forgotten or never learned.

Education is about the freedom to explore and develop your own theories about ideas. Schooling tells you what is important but not why you need to learn it.

Education requires time and practice. Schooling has timelines and deadlines with too much information and little practice

Education is learning as you go through life. Schooling has time limits that stop learning until the next appointed time.

Education has a flow and ebb to it as you gather the information that you need.

In Education you may be bored at times but you find your way out of it. In schooling you may be bored and there is no way out of it.

Education develops sound relationships. Schooling develops networks that don’t last.

Education does not require money. Schooling requires a lot of money.

Education is independent thinking as you develop your own thoughts and ideas. Schooling is the memorization of facts and the accumulation of others thoughts on topics.  

Education is about your success. Failure is a learning experience. Schooling is about marks, position in the classroom, and social structure, with failure seen as a negative.

Education is about developing a set of rules you can live by. Schooling is you being forced to follow someone else’s rules.

Education is about learning how to be adaptable in a changing world. Schooling is about following strict structures.

Education is about conversing about things you care about. Schooling is about being forced to discuss things you won’t talk about again.

Education is individual and to your needs. Schooling is about the middle ground of everyone in the room.

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