Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Words of advice about learning.

I found these words of advice to be true when teaching children in general but more importantly as a parent.

Karen Chow, Hong Kong has these words of advices for alternative learners
The full article can be found here.


1) Children are naturally curious and can be self-taught.

2) Teaching is given only when students request it

3) Children can learn by observations and interaction with people so parents are not the only role models.

4) A person should be free to do what he/she wants as long as he/she is not harming others and the environment. Conformity to rules and social conventions before one feels the need to cooperate may not be good for children.

5) Don’t interrupt kids when they are concentrating on any tasks.

6) Expose children to things you are interested or unfamiliar with. Supply them with abundant opportunities to look at the world, and see the things that we don’t see, discover the things that we don’t know. Trust that they always choose what’s best for them and as long as we don’t restrict them, they will blossom into beautiful flowers.

7) Try to connect to the children’s emotions and feelings as much as you can.

8) Cultivate good virtues. Tell children how you feel, why you act in those ways and what you think, they will automatically possess the good virtues from us and people around.

9) Encourage the whole family to go to the nature more often, and pursue green living.  

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