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Why Do Our Dead Family Members Visit Us In Our Dreams? 

By Emily Corbett 

If you were wondering yes it is possible for family members to visit us in our dreams.
Your dead family members visit you because they want you to know they’re going to be fine and that you are going to be fine to.

They visit you in your dreams because they are still concerned about you and what decisions you are going to make in your life. If your dead family members or a really close friend with you who died visits you it will not happen that often.  They will only visit you in your dreams because it is an ideal place for them to make contact with you. When you are dreaming you are in a relaxed state so it’s easier for them to get your attention. While dreaming you are disconnected from physical awareness and more connected to your super conscious if you are lucid dreamer.

Your subconscious is a part of your mind that creates your dreams and is the part of your mind that operates without awareness and you do not have active control at that time.
Lucid Dreaming is Realizing Your Dreaming while the dream is going on and sometimes that can frighten you if you wake up too quickly.

Lucid dreaming can also mean something like this, if you are inside a dream, and say a purple giraffe with blue dots runs across the road in front of you and you stop and say "This is a Dream", that is what Lucid Dreaming is and what it means.

Spirit communication feels very different than a dream it almost feels like as if it is real. Usually with spirit communication the person who died will simply speak with you and tell you they are in a better place now. When they are talking to you they could be sitting on your bed, standing in front of your bed, calling on you a phone or they could be talking to you in a place that both of you really liked.

If one of your family members ever came to talk to you in your dream the message they will tell you will always be short and they will get right to the point.


Are Fruits Healthy??????
By: James Swaine
Most of the people in our country (Canada) know that fruits are healthy as some of the people that come to my class in Coronation Public School bring a type of fruit for the morning snack/lunch/afternoon snack. And most of the people at my country know that fruits are the default health foods. The reason there the default health foods because they were quite tasty back then and were easy to find in forests and jungles. Also, the easiest foods to prepare is nature’s fast food because the main reason is that there so easy to prepare. They were also the most perfect food on the entire surface to eat, and pretty hard to find. Most people say that apples come from forests and bananas come from banana trees. And yes. Fruits are always healthy, all fruits are healthy anyways. The fruits taste depends on the type of fruit. There even used to make other types of food. The main reason fruits are healthy is because most fruits are loaded up with vitamins, minerals, and other types of nutrients.

Why do we see colours?          
By Grace

Our eyes and brain work together to turn light into colour.  Light receptors in the eye send messages to the brain which produces familiar sensations of colour. Newton saw that colour is not inherent in objects. The face of an object reflects some of the light and absorbs the rest. We see only the colour reflecting for instance an apple is not red we see the red reflecting of off the apple the rest is absorbed.  An object is white when it reflects all the wavelengths and an object is black when it absorbs all the wavelengths. Red green and blue are additive primary colours of the spectrum. Red green and blue light also produce pure white. All the light that is visible can be produced. The retina is covered in millions of light sensitive cells. The retina is the part of the brain that produces colour. Some of the light sensitive cells are shaped like cones.  Some of the cells are shaped like rods. Colour shines as light and sunlight as we see it, it is colourless. In reality a rainbow the colours are present in white light. Light comes from a source and that source is the sun. All the invisible colours that the sun produces shine onto the object. An apple for instance the light hits the apple and we see red.

Why Do We Have Nightmares 

We have nightmares because while you sleep your eyes move back and forth and it sometimes causes nightmares. Every 90 minutes your brain goes from non REM (Rapid Eye Movement) to REM. Things that upset you or scare you can give you nightmares like if you are scared of ghosts it can give you a nightmare. If a person you know dies you might get a nightmare of them dying again. Some kids need a stuffed animal or a toy to keep them happy. Adults can even get nightmares about their kids getting sick. Did you know that sometimes taking new medicines can give you nightmares? If you notice you are getting lots of nightmares you should tell your parents. There is a cure for too many nightmares you can take sleep aids and that will give you less nightmares. Animals cannot have nightmares but they can dream. When you wake a pet up when it is sleeping it might hiss or growl because you scared it. Nightmares can make you move in your sleep because you will try to protect yourself. When you watch a scary movie you will probably get a nightmare. Some scary movies are Freddy VS Jason, Chucky,The Conjuring and The Purge Anarchy. There is nothing to prevent nightmares.

Why Do People Snore  
   By: Emma

Snoring is caused when you can’t move air though the nose or the mouth freely. It can also be caused by poor sleep posture or      narrowing of the airway. The sound is produced by vibrating structures of the upper airway. Snoring can be stopped by elevating the head. Snoring occurs more frequently in men and people who are overweight. Some people only snore during allergy seasons. Alcohol intake, smoking, and certain medications can increase muscle relaxation leading to more snoring. Snoring can also be caused by age as you reach middle age and beyond, your throat becomes narrower, and the muscle tone in your throat decreases. Babies snore because their throat is developing.

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