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November 20 SOLE

How Does WIFI Work?

WIFI stand for wireless fidelity. It uses microwave signals to link to another computer or websites. WIFI works almost anywhere in the world. A person can walk room to room on the internet with WIFI. There were five people who made WIFI here are their names: Terrance Percival, John Deane, Graham Daniels, Diethelm Ostry and John O’Sullivan. WIFI is a high speed internet connection without the use of cable and wires. The technology uses radio to transmit to your computer or router.    

Why Does Fats Taste So Good in Foods?
By: James Swaine…

The main reason fats taste so good is because the fats mostly helps you on enjoying the type of flavor of food and tasting. But how does fat do that? The main reason is because they are able to dissolve and concrete flavor and odor chemicals. And of course the fat foods have a very special mouth feel, that’s basically one of the reasons why fats taste so good. Our bodies also absorb the fat foods at a very slow rate. And the fats use that special mouth feel to make it taste so good.

Why were Vikings houses built the way they were? By: Jorja, Keely, Alison, Matthew.P

Vikings had to find local materials to make their houses. They had about 30 to 50 people in each house. Viking houses had one room with cooking fire in the middle. Their houses were also named longhouses (but not the Wendat type longhouse)
Their houses were made out of wood stone or blocks of turf (roof). One half of the house was for people and the other part was for animals. The main building was up to 30 meters long. They slept on raised platforms. Most Vikings lived in long houses. Their roof was made out of grass because enemies would not see their house. Poor Vikings houses were made of a mixture of wet soil, clay, animal poo and straw.

  Why was Alcatraz made?
Jenson, Moody, Braydon, Jumah

The name Alcatraz is derived from the Spanish word alcatraces.  in 1775 the Spanish explorer Juan Manuel. Alcatraz was a civil war base. In 1917 it was a WW1 prison. In 1934 it was opened as a federal penitentiary for the worst prisoners in America. If you went exploring the Island it would take lots of time to finish.  Alcatraz is beside the golden gate bridge. The famous prisoners were Al Capone, The Birdman of Alcatraz, Machine Gun Kelly. Family’s of people on Alcatraz get to visit 1 time a month. Some people that escaped were:  Morris and John Anglin, also Frank Morris escaped with the Angling brothers. People said that they escaped by a homemade raft but there was a boat that was not authorised to be there.  The life jackets were found on Angel Island and out on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

                         Why Do Turtles Have Shells?
                         Matthew, Heaven, Cody, Anya

Turtles have shells to protect themselves. Turtles have shells to help protect from fossilised. Turtles are born with a shell. The shell is used for a weapon. The Leather back turtles shell is under their skin. Shells are used for camouflage. The shell is a home for them. People use the turtle shell for jewelry. All turtles have shells but some are different. Without a shell their ribs and other bones would fall out when they walk or swim. A shell is basically skin for its back. A turtle can’t walk or swim without a shell. They have a shell to hide from predators. We can’t stop them from having a shell. The shell is basically an outer rib of the turtle. Some turtles have a different type of shell. Turtles are dinosaurs.

Why does Buffalo get more snow then we do?
Grace Emily Marlene Kiera

More snow falls because it’s colder there. Buffalo is in the USA there is about 4-5 feet of snow. We don’t get more snow than Buffalo because north winds blows across the land and doesn’t get much moisture. Wind blows from North West and south east. Buffalo gets of it snow from Lake Erie called lake effect snow. Wind comes from the WSW in winter and brings cold air and picks up moisture. 11 hours ago the buffalo news announced first snow storm of season could give buffalo a years’ worth of snow (8 feet in three days)


 MineCraft was created by a guy named notch. Minecraft was also invented by notch mojang and JINXS. THE FIRST ITEM THAT MINECRAFT HAD IN THE WORLD WAS A WOOD BLOCK AND THE SWORD. FOR THE PAST FEW YEARS GREGERY BYLOS HAS BEEN DOING PRETY WELL OUT OF MINECRAFT. MINECRAFT WAS INVENTED WHEN NOTCH INVITED TWO OF HIS FRIENDS TO THE GAME MINECRAFT. His company mineplex runs a server network for fans of the massively successful construction game as well as giving players all over the globe the chance to build in the same worlds together bylos and the staff have developed of costum minecraft modes.  

Why Are Houses Made Out of Wood?
By Tye and Mason

Wooden houses are eco-friendly and healthier to live in. Log houses are made from logs because they are resistant to earthquakes. They are made out of logs because they are easy to build. We make wood houses I costs less money to make it. 

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