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November 26 SOLE

Why Do We Slip On Wet Surfaces?

When it is wet you have no friction. The wetness makes the grip smaller and you slip. When your grip wears off it slips easier. The dampness gets in your shoe and it can wear down over time. When it is wet mud comes out then you slip on the mud on the ground. The rough bottom of your shoe gets filled with water then you slip. Over time your grip wears off. Water is more slippery on different surfaces. You slip depending on how you walk. It all depends on the friction your shoe and the ground creates.

Why Do We Dream?

Emily, Kiera, Keely and Marlene

The brain incorporates memories and solves problems and deals with emotions. Your dream is your sub-conscious reviewing your day or week. Scientists have been trying to find the answer to why people dream for decades, but they still are not 100% sure. When people dream they will never dream about a person they don’t know. Dead family members can visit you in your dreams. You can have dreams but you might not remember them when you wake up.
Incorporates is a verb used with object.
You can have control over your dreams.

What is Altruism?
By Alison Anya Jorja Grace
 Altruism is the Belief of others wellbeing, risking your life for someone is spending your life taking care of others and putting others needs before yours. Taking care of the needs of others it can also make kids feel more connected to their school. It means not to be selfish and giving time energy and money to people in need every day there are acts of altruism

Example of altruism is:
Donating money to the needy

Is It Disgusting to Eat Insects?
Eating insects is considered disgusting but in other country’s 2 billon people consume insects on a regular daily basis. The most popular country that eats bugs is Thailand and Japan; fried bugs are commonly served with beer. There are many countries that eat bugs such as Ghana, Mexico, China, Brazil, Australia, The Netherlands and many more. It may be disgusting in some countries but in many other countries it is normal to eat bugs and they consider it not disgusting but quite tasty. There are different types of bugs they eat such as fried crickets, 3.5 inch long water beetles, bamboo worm, French fried caterpillars and ant eggs. Some people drink the juices of insects. Bugs are high in protein and low in fat

How did the dinosaurs die?

Many people believe that dinosaurs have been killed by diseases, earthquakes, drowning, change in climate, ice age, volcanos, age, cosmic explosions, and starvation meteor showers and by the other dinosaurs eating them.  But many scientists don’t know how they actually died. Meteors are like big balls of moon chunks and when it hit the ground it explodes. A cosmic explosion is when a dying star fall and explodes.  Scientists believe the earth flooded and killed all the dinosaurs then froze and caused the ice age. By dying from volcanos the lava has been siting waiting to explode all over the place. Scientists don’t actually know how they died they only have theories (guess). Many people believe that there were earthquakes that came and killed all the dinosaurs.

Do Fish Feel Pain?
Mason, Peyton, Tye, Jumah, Lindsay,

Some people say fish can feel pain; some say they can’t feel pain. The Answer is they feel pain, because they have pain receptors in there brain which makes them feel pain. Fish feel pain when they get hooked on their upper jaw, lower jaw, and in the eye. Fish don’t feel pain the way that we feel pain when we get hurt. The most pain the fish feel is when they are getting boiled or cooked when there alive. Humans and fish both have pain receptors but humans have more receptors so that’s why humans feel more pain instead of fish. Fish feel pain when they are getting eaten by sharks and other animals that eat fish. If fish did not have pain receptors they would not be able to feel pain. Fish have to feel pain because all animals needs to feel pain.

Is it more dangerous to fly an airplane or drive?


In the United States. When people drive there is an average of 1.27 deaths for every 100 million miles driven.

When people traveled by airplane in the US, there where 20 accidents in total which works out to about 0 accidents per million flying miles. No one even died. 

The odds of dying in a car accident are 1 in 98 for a lifetime. The odds of dying in a plane crash are 1 in 7,178 for a lifetime according to an odds-of-dying table in 2008.

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