Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Counsellors need to be in every school.

Education is a shambles. We hear it all the time. And it’s true, parts of it are in shambles. By continuing to reinforce the idea that we need university graduates to be made out of every student we are sealing the fate of our country. By not providing the necessary resources to help our slow learners and our behaviour students we are letting them down.

Not every student is meant to graduate from university. Some would be far better off going straight into apprenticeship programs to learn the tools of the trade from the masters of it. Once upon a time these trades were the backbone of our country. They supplied the necessary pieces that kept our country running efficiently. Now they are frowned upon because they are manual labour. Yet they keep our country from falling into chaos. It is time we supplied enough apprentices to keep this world functioning.   

In our classrooms everyday our children are subjects to a wide range of behaviours. These behaviours escalate during the day and encourage others to misbehave. Soon our classrooms are spending more time dealing with behaviours than they are actually learning the lessons they are there for. They are many reasons for these behaviours ranging from anxiety disorders, defiant opposition, severe behavioural disorders to simply reflecting their outside of school attitude about learning. Yet teachers are expected to conduct classes every day as well as deal with the myriad of issues their students face. It is time for school to reconsider what is important, the learning, and provide the resources necessary to help the students understand what they can do to help them be successful. Every child will not reach their potential without some guidance.  A classroom teacher does not have the time to do that.

It is time to bring school based counsellors into the fray. Every school needs it.

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