Monday, February 6, 2017

Finland has long been at the forefront of educational change. The following are from their developing curriculum, in which this is the last year of their plan. They will have a new plan for the future. I can’t wait to see it.

Curriculum reform in Finland
More information: Mrs. IrmelĂ­ Halinen, Head of Curriculum Development

More participatory, physically active, creative and linguistically enriched schools and integrated teaching and learning

We will work together to create better opportunities :
For educational work at schools
For meaningful learning for all pupils
For a sustainable future

The school will be developed both as a growth community and as a learning environment

Why? What? How?
• If you want to increase curiosity, allow questioning
• If you want to develop problem-solving skills, link school knowledge to real-life problems and encourage pupils to work together to seek solutions
• If you want to increase understanding, combine knowledge and skills from different subjects
• If you want to raise citizens who will develop society, promote inclusiveness and participation, give opportunities to make a difference, and facilitate positive - not negative - critical thinking
• If you want to strengthen learners' self-confidence and learning motivation, give constructive and honest feedback. Never humiliate or put down a learner.

Relationship of education and schools to a changing society

Strengthening the value basis
• Uniqueness of every child, and high quality education as the basic right
• Relationship with a changing society More detailed description of the tasks
• Tasks include both teaching and educating (raising up)
• Taking care of the completion of compulsory education of all students
• Basic education as a basis of a solid all-round education
• Solid foundation for all for entering upper secondary education To be considered in organising school work:
• Increasing need for cooperation, role and participation of pupils
• The educating and guiding influence of all school activities
• Importance of varied learning environments and, for example, opportunities for remote teaching

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