Monday, February 13, 2017

The skills needed for a successful student by effective school systems.

During my recent research I recently came across these lists of things that are required for a successful school system. This information is from a power point by Linda Darling-Hammond.

  1. Skills students need
    1. Ability to communicate  
    2. Adaptability to change  
    3. Ability to work in teams  
    4. Preparedness to solve problems  
    5. Ability to analyse and conceptualise  
    6. Ability to reflect on and improve performance  
    7. Ability to manage oneself  
    8. Ability to create, innovate and criticise  
    9. Ability to engage in learning new things at all times  
    10. Ability to cross specialist borders.

  1. 21st Century learning requires:  
    1. An understanding of the meaning and relevance of ideas to concrete problems  
    2. An ability to apply core concepts and modes of inquiry to complex real-world tasks  
    3. A capacity to transfer knowledge and skills to new situations, to build on and use them  
    4. Abilities to communicate ideas and to collaborate in problem solving  
    5. An ongoing ability to learn to learn

  1. What do effective teachers know and do? Effective teachers…  
    1. Engage students in active learning  
    2. Create intellectually ambitious tasks  
    3. Use a variety of teaching strategies  
    4. Assess student learning continuously and adapt teaching to student needs  
    5. Create effective scaffolds and supports  
    6. Provide clear standards, constant feedback, and opportunities for revising work  
    7. Develop and effectively manage a collaborative classroom in which all students have membership.

  1. What are the highest-achieving nations doing?  
    1. Societal supports for children’s welfare  
    2. Equitable resources with greater investments in high -need schools and students  
    3. Substantial investments in initial teacher education and ongoing support  
    4. Schools designed to support teacher and student learning  
    5. Equitable access to a rich, thinking curriculum  
    6. Performance assessments focused on higher order skills

Linda Darling Hamilton

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