Friday, October 31, 2014

October 20 SOLE

Why Do People Have Different Skin Colours?
Emily, Alison, Heaven and Marlene 

Skin pigmentation in a human being is to regulate the amount of ultraviolet radiation penetrating the skin controlling, it’s biochemical effects. UV (ultraviolet) radiation is present in sunlight, produced by electric arcs and specialized lights such as tanning lamps and black lights. Natural skin color can darken as results to tanning due to exposure to sunlight. If we don’t have much pigment then we would be white, but if we had a lot of skin pigment we would have dark skin also known as black skin. Skin pigmentation is the coloring of a person’s skin. When a person is healthy their skin will appear normal. If you get an illness or injury the person’s skin might change color becoming darker. The melanin in your skin absorbs UV rays or solar radiation that is how your skin can become darker. Melanin is produced by cells called malanocytes .

Why Was Smoking Invented?
By: James, Jorja, Jumah, and Keely
Smoking was originally made for Indians, many Indians were offered tobacco. In the 1600’s tobacco they were so popular and they were good as gold (literally) but then I got worse in our times. It’s so bad it now causes cancer in our days and since that happens, most kids say: Why did they invent smoking even though it’s so bad?

Do Fish Sleep?
Fish don’t sleep like humans do they sleep differently. Yes fish do sleep but only with their eyes open. Their eyes open when they are sleep because they don’t have eyelids. Fish don’t have eyelids to close them though so it will help them with danger. Some fish use camouflage to help them hide when they go to sleep. Many types of fish like eels sleep inside rocks.
Why Do People Hurt Each Other?
Harper, Mason, Matthew, Tye

People hurt each other because they’re trying to solve problems but they are causing different problems.  People hurt each other when they can’t control the anger inside of them.  People hurt each other sometimes because people tell them to hurt someone.  Some people hurt each other for money that people pay them.  People hurt each other for power over other people that are less power.  People hurt each other because they might be upset or mad at someone or something.  People hurt each other for the sick of being mad.  Some people hurt each other for no reason they might think its hoarse play but it’s not.  People hurt each other because they may have bad memories (Bad past).  People hurt each other because someone is bullying them so they want to get payback.  People hurt each other because they want to be left alone but people keep laughing and pointing at him so he gets really, really mad.  People hurt each other because they keep taunting someone that they are smarter than him. 

Is time travel possible?
Lindsay, Tyson, Anya, Mathew P

Time travel is possible says Stephen Hawking. He believes humans are capable of time travel. Hawking says once space ships were built that could fly faster than the speed of light it might be possible. 

Why Do People Become Homeless?
People become homeless because they lose their job.  People also become homeless because they do drugs and drink alcohol. In the U.S over 1 million people are homeless and in Canada over 30,000 people are homeless. If you are homeless your live span is about 30 years. Homeless people have to sleep in cars, parks and dark alleys. Homeless people have to eat at the soup kitchen because they can’t afford food form the store. Homeless people have to beg for money because they don’t have any money.                                            

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