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Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing
By Emma                                                           
Topic: Laptops

Have you ever imagined being able to keep your own laptop? It would be good for schools to let children keep a laptop so they can access all their work at home. I think this would be a great idea!                                                                                                                        
I think all students grade 5 and up should be able to keep a laptop to catch up on assignments that can only be accessed through the student’s computer. This opportunity would be best for family’s who don’t have a computer that is able to access the students work. This would also be good because the teacher can access the students work and see how much they have gotten done at home.  

This would also be good for students because they could practice typing over the weekend to get prepared for harder and more detailed writing. The more a student practices there writing the faster they will type and the more they practice the more detailed there writing will become.

The last reason is this allows students to research facts for assignments. The fastest way for a student to research facts is through the internet. If students research facts on the internet it will take them 20 minutes. If students have to look up facts though books it will take them 1 hour. 

I think giving students a laptop is a great idea. Students could finish assignments at home that can only be accessed through the schools network. It would be good for students to practice typing. It would also be for students to look up facts.

Topic:  Halloween costumes 

Hi my name is Kiera and I want to talk about wearing are costumes for this year’s Halloween.  Have you ever seen your faces when we wear are costumes? A lot of kids love wear their costumes. It is really fun and we are telling you that we love to wear your costumes.  I think it is a really good idea to where our costumes!!!

Teachers always say that we always should be creative with everything.  We love being creative with your costumes.  It is fun to have costumes to wear at school.  Kids and adults love to dress up. A lot of kids love Halloween.

It is fun to wear our costumes to school and we get to scare your teacher.  Every year I see smile in everyone face.  I hear I like that costumes, I want to be that next year, that gives them an idea of what they like.  It is fun to costumes a lot of people like to wear costumes.  Some people like to dress up because it is fun and not everyone gets to dress up so we should be thankful that we have the change to wear a costume.

Sometimes not all of us get to go with your friends on Halloween.  We live at different places. When we wear them we can show them at school. 95 % would have a smile on their face when they get to school because they could not wait to put on their costume and show everyone.

I think wearing our Halloween costume would be good and we would just love you even more if you did this.
Thank you for your time

Emily Corbett
Persuasive Writing
Topic: More primary and junior sports at Coronation

For Coronation public school

Have you ever thought Coronation doesn’t have many sports for primaries and juniors?  This could be important for primaries and juniors because they might want more sports to play here. Who knows they could be getting tired of only having dodge ball, soccer or volley ball to play. I think this is a fantastic idea and the primaries and juniors at coronation could think so too.

Coronation needs more sports for juniors and Primary’s to play, especially primary’s because they need to be more active like the intermediates here at this school. It seems like to me that intermediates get more sports and are more active than any other child in the school because they have more sports than any other division. Juniors should be able play more sports, dodge ball at lunch like the Primary’s do, football, flag football and more. Primaries should be able to play more sports, volleyball, soccer, football and more.

On this topic I think we should also have more teachers to teach and run the sports at coronation. Here it is the almost the same  four or six teachers teaching each sport, we need other teachers to run these sports so we can have more sports. For example we can have Mr. Durning and Mr. Ferguson teach basketball, Ms. Simpson and Ms. Mattin teach volleyball and so on for other teachers and sports. My opinion is we should have two teachers running each sport and have more than only the same six to four teachers teaching the sports.

People at Coronation should give more thought to having more, better or newer sports here at the school. Just because juniors and primaries are younger than the intermediates it does not mean they get to play less sports than the bigger division, that means that they should get the same amount of sports or more than that and every division should get the same sports as each other so everyone can be as healthy as they need to be.

In conclusion it is a fantastic idea that we need more primary and junior sports for here at Coronation. If we get more primary and junior sports here at Coronation then the kids here could stay healthy, be active and have fun. That is why we should have more primary and junior at Coronation.

Persuasive Writing
Centers in gym   
by Grace

Students should get to do centers have you done centers before if you did? Did you like it? Think if you had fun don’t you think kids can get to do that to? I love centers in gym class it was so much fun :)!!! I totally think kids should stay active by running and doing centers

If we do more centers in gym kids can learn to play more sports and do more things. Kids get overweight if they don’t get enough exercise, we can prevent this by schools setting up centers including the following jump rope, basketball, workout, volleyball, scoops. We did this a couple of times and it was fun. On Friday October 24 2014 we did centers and the things we did were basketball, volley ball, badminton, skipping ropes and scoops. The sports you put in can help the kids with outside of school sports. The kids will do better outside of school and parents don’t you want your kids to do better and enjoy the sports you paid money for?

Lots of kids hate running because it is hard work for them, problem is they don’t run or exercise enough then running hurts them. I think we should do laps in gym before anything it will build leg muscles so they can run. There are very few people who run a lot in my class; it makes playing man hunt not as fun as I could be but it is what it is. I try to run as much as I can but sometimes I forget. Kids also don’t like running because it tiers them out if you do it more then it won’t tier you out so much, you will still get tired because your muscles are working a lot but you should still run. If you don’t get active other kids can make fun of you and not let you play certain games like manhunt or soccer or tag/ will make kids more energized and in a better mood, now don’t you want you kids and students to be happy and always have a smile on their face. You should encourage kids to be happy and active, when kids are happy they can focus better on other work and assignments and if they focus better that means better grades and happier parents and for the teachers no angry comments only happy comments.

There are so many possible things you can put out, some of those things people will love and put their best effort but some things people will hate and won’t try, if you don’t try you will do lousy if you try you will do better. Sometimes teachers may put out mats for push-ups and sit ups or crunches burpeys and much more, you should not think it’s a punishment it is not they are just trying to get you in shape so you can do games of man hunt or basketball or maybe even   doge ball for example I think some kids like basketball or volley ball and some gym teachers don’t do centers so that the can practice those sports. You can teach those sports as a center to. That’s what most teachers don’t know, the teachers don’t know that the students are still learning that particular sport but are also learning many other skills. The students enjoy the centers more than learning one thing at a time

I think it is a great idea to do centers because the kids will get better physical education. The teachers can also make the kids do laps so they become better runners.  That’s why I think doing centers is a good idea, kids should be allowed to run around and do a lot more and centers provide that for them. You want your kids to enjoy gym so they can get a better grade in gym. Your kids will come back with a smile and tell you all about their day.

Persuasive Writing 
Topic: Dogs

Have you ever walked your dog? Well some people are considering to not letting dogs into  some parks and places.

Dogs should be able to go anywhere they want because the owner always have a hold of the dog and the dog is always   under control .People don’t need to worry because most dogs are not aggressive or rough so most  of them are not harmful. Many dogs are very nice and gentle.

Dogs are just like humans they need to walk too so if people are not letting dogs walk to some parks and places it is not fair at all because dogs should be able to walk many places and parks. Most dogs are very nice and would not think of harming people
Most people are kicking dogs out of parks because they scare some kids but most of kids love dogs. And if there is a couple of aggressive dogs then the owner would tell the children to not pet the dog and the dog could not get of the leash or harness so if there is a aggressive dog I could not hurt any people. People should be able to walk their dogs at parks.

I think letting dogs in some parks is a very great idea. And most dogs are very nice. And people do not need to worry about where they can walk there dog because people should have the right to walk their dog where ever and whenever they want.                                                                                      

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