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October 21 SOLE

What are Pimples?
Anya, Alison, Tyson, Tye

A pimple is a small pustule. A pustule is a small blister or pimple on the skin that contains puffs. A papule is a small raised solid pimple or swelling.  Pimples can be caused by a variety of factors which are most commonly experienced during puberty. The three main causes are 1. Over production of oil sebum
2. Irregular shedding of dead skin cells
3. Buildup of bacteria
Sebum is an oily substance secured by the sebacus glands in skin. Its main purpose is to make the skin or hair oily, and it can begin to smell when broken down by bacteria outside the body. The sebaceous glands are usually attached to hair follicles, but they also exist in some hairless people.
The glands which produce sebum exist inside the pores of our skin. A pimple is a small red bump. Pimples are small skin lesions or inflammations of the skin. The outer layers of our skin are being shed continuously. Sometimes dead skin cells are left behind and get stuck together by the sticky sebum causing a blockage in the poor.
Inflammation is a localized physical condition in which part of the body becomes reddened swelling hot and often painful especially as a reaction to injury or a infection.

What is Eczema?
Mason Moody Heaven Emily       
Eczema is a common skin condition marked itchy and inflamed patches of skin. (Inflamed is when the skin is larger due to an infection).  It is not contagious so other people can’t get it. It can infect everybody but children are most likely to get it. In Eczema, skin can’t hold moisturizer and becomes dry and tight. Eczema is also known as dermatitis. Kids who get eczema often have relatives that have certain illnesses such as hay fever.  1 out of 10 kids get Eczema. Allergies can cause Eczema.  Some environmental factors cause Eczema such as excessive heat or emotional stress.  You can get the rashes in the bends of the elbows behind the knees or at the back of the ankles or wrists. If you scratch it too much when you eczema you will get thick brown areas on your skin. Pollen is one of the most common Eczema Allergens and you can also get it by some bacteria such as viruses and certain fungi.
What are Warts?
What Are Warts?
MatthewH. and Jenson

Blame common viruses that are mostly everywhere for warts. Warts can be a brown lump that you can get everywhere. It can seem like a harmless growth. It is an infection of top layer of skin. It starts when rapid growth of cells on the top layer of skin. It is more common at the feet, hands, and face. You can freeze the wart and pull it off carefully. There are many different types of warts. A wart can be a small rough growth. There is no way to prevent warts. Warts can be all sorts of colors. Warts can be like a dome or like a mountain or flat. Flat warts can appear in groups of up to several hundred. Flat warts appear on the face, neck, chest, knees, hands, and wrists.

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Ear wax can be really helpful and important. Ear wax is found on the outer ear canal. It can be quite sticky and a little shiny. Ear wax builds up in your ears. When cleaning out ears don’t use fingers or cotton swabs it may cause bleeding. Getting earwax with your fingers may push it even more back. Some people have extra earwax building up. Doctors can give you special medicine to get rid of ear wax.
Earwax can also be made in the flesh of your ear.

What is foot fungus?
By Matthew Lindsay Braydon

Athlete’s foot also called tinea pedis is a fungal infection of the foot. It causes peeling redness and inching burning and sometimes blisters and sores. Athlete’s foot is a very common infection. The fungus grows best in a warm moist environment such as shoes, socks, swimming pools, locker rooms, and the floors of public showers. It is most common in the summer and in warm, humid climates. It occurs more often in people who wear tight shoes and who use community bathes and pools.

If you get cancer there is a needle you get that makes you lose your hair. People shave their heads and they become bald. If you itch to much you can lose your hair bit by bit. Illness car crashes and flu can cause hair loss. Another term for hair loss is telogen effluvium. Some people`s hair grows back in a few months through a phase cycle, growth phase, rest phase, shedding phase. Stress can trigger the hair cycle pushing some of the hair out. The hair will grow. An example of physical stress is pregnancy. When the baby gets delivered more stress
Why do people need glasses?
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People need glasses because they cannot see far or close. 64.2 % of the people wear glasses. Kindergarten is the most age when you get glasses. Between 1268 and 1289 glasses were made. We are not sure who made the first glasses. The first people to wear glasses were monks and scholars.     

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