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Remembrance Day Research

Remembrance Day
By Emily
A)    Why remember?
B)    Whom do we remember?
C)    What we should remember?
D)   How do we remember?

A) We should remember because the people who fought in the war fought for us to have freedom and died for us to have happy lives. These people fought for Canada to have freedom. If the Canadians did not win the war we all would be speaking German right now.

B) Whom do we remember? We should remember all the Canadian soldiers and people apart of the war. Remember the people who were willing to fight for people they didn’t know and fight for their country.
C) What should we remember? Why all these people fought in the war. Who the soldiers fought for. How many Canadian soldiers and Canadian people died doing something good for their people and their country.  

D)How do we remember? We remember this day and all those people who risked their lives to save ours by wearing poppies. Poppies are worn of a symbol of remembrance. Poppies are a reminder the blood red flowers that still grows in France Belgium. Poppies are a reminder who died fighting for peace. We wear poppies as a reminder of horrors, conflict and preciousness of peace they fought to achieve. 

Remembrance Day
By Cody

Why remember?
People sacrificed themselves for our country. If we don’t remember all the sacrifices will be meaningless. The Canadian soldiers died for us. Fathers, son, daughters were all killed in the action of the war. Soldiers sacrificed themselves to give us freedom.

Whom do we remember?
We remember the RCAF pilots. We remember all the fallen soldiers. We remember the men and women who fought for our country. All of the volunteers who served our country. People around the world who sacrificed themselves. The people who experienced blood and carnage. The Prisoners of Wars who suffered in World War 2.

What should we remember?
The loss of comrades during the world war. The military strategies used to defend Canada. The captured Canadian soldiers at World War 2. The defence against the Nazi attack. We remember Colonel John McCrae and his poem. The loss of Canadians on Juno beach.

How do we remember?
On November 11 we pause for 2 minutes in silence. We wear poppies on November 11 to appreciate the fallen soldiers. We go to memorials and ceremonies. We pay honour to those who respond to our Country's needs. We work in peace every day of the year. We represent all of the navy, army, air force, and merchant marines. 

Remembrance Day
By Jenson

Why remember
We need to remember hundreds of thousands of people who died for us. We remember because they sacrificed there life for us. And if they came back they had to live the rest of there lives with physical and mental scars of war.

What  we should remember
I think that we should remember June 1944. Normandy the big offensive against Nazi Germany in France. It was the turning point of WW2
If we lost that fight we might have not won the war. 

In my opinion they are the most brave people in the world. They were running on a beach with the most powerful guns in the world shooting at them

How do we remember
We remember by putting a poppy on our heart and having 2 minutes of silence and also having parades and sermons and going to the war memorial site and putting flowers on the grave.

Remembrance day
By Marlene

The sacrifice of those one hundred thousand Canadians lives will be meaningless. All the Canadians who died for us. They left their homes families and friend and everybody they care about. Some of the them were killed in action and wounded badly. The people who returned were forced to remember the scares of the war. 

Canadians volunteered to serve our country. War always meant death and away form their family. They join the war to care for the ones that are wounded. 

We should remember the armies military and soldiers because they fought for us and the battles they fought. The first battle was at Ypres Belgium on April 22 1915. The people that sacrifice their families to go to war.

On November 11th we celebrate Remembrance day. The red flower is called a Poppies they also represent Remembrance.  We also do two minutes of silence.


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