Friday, October 31, 2014

Titanic Summary


By Alison

2,200 passengers and crew members boarded the Titanic. Some paid more than $4,000 for the trip, while many of the crew did not even earn$1,000 in a year. The Titanic rubbed against an iceberg for ten seconds. Several small cracks appeared instantly, and water started to pour in side. Another passenger ship was just 20 minutes away. However its radio operator was not on duty, no one heard the signal. Another ship the Carpathia was 4 hours away. When the Carpathia arrived at 4.00 A.M. It was too late for many passengers, it had already sunk. They did not that the Titanic’s ship only had room for 1,200 people, 705 people survived the wreck, the remaining 1,517 people died.

                        The “Unsinkable” Titanic
By Lindsay

In April 1912 2,200 passengers bored the titanic. The ships promoters claimed that their vessel was unsinkable. The titanic was sailing from England to New York city. At 11:40 pm the titanic rubbed alongside iceberg. Just after 2:00 am water had flooded through the ship’s hull. 705 people survived and 1,517 people died. In 1985 a team of scientists found the wreckage of the titanic 12,500 feet beneath the sea.     

By Harper
The Unsinkable Titanic

People thought the titanic was unsinkable because it had 16 water compartments. So 2,200 people went on and saw an iceberg that hit on them for 10 seconds. A 20 min. away ship did not get the call but a 4 hour away ship got the call but was 2 hours late but it did save 705 people.

Keely    The Unsinkable Titanic
In April 1912 2,200 passengers and crew boarded the Titanic. On the night of April 14 the titanic was sailing from Southampton England to new York city. At 11:40 pm the titanic rubbed alongside an iceberg. The California was just twenty minutes away. But its radio operator was not on duty. Carpathia arrived at 4:00 am but it was too late. Titanic’s lifeboats only had room for 1.200 people. 1,517 died in the icy waters of the north Atlantic ocean.      

Mason The Unsinkable Titanic
In April 1912, about 2,200 boarded the Titanic. The ships promoters claimed their vessel was unsinkable. Late on that night the Titanic was sailing to New York City. There was danger of icebergs in the area. The Titanic then rubbed along the iceberg. Six signals were sent everywhere. They didn’t know the only had life boats for about 1,200 people. 705 people survived the wreck, most women and children.

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