Wednesday, October 8, 2014

SOLE from September

How Can We Make The Earth Better?
By: Anya, Emily, Matthew P., Emma
Turn off lights when they’re not in use. Turn off water when they’re not in use. Unplug devices when they’re not in use. Turn off tv when it’s not in use or when electronics are in use. Plant more trees. Give old toys, clothes, furniture away. Donate money, food, old clothes. Make one day in your week using no electronics. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Don’t litter. Use car as little as possible. Use composts
Rainbows are basically when water and light meet and bounce off to form a rainbow Rainbows have seven different colors representing the passion love hate and swiftness. The seven colors of a rainbow are red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet.

The cooling system combined with daily treatment and hourly Zamboni rides keeps the ice cold and safe even if it's sunny with temperatures hovering at 60 degrees. Below the ice there is a network of pipes filled with a refrigerant chemical. This keeps the ice cold. The ice is cold because the temperature is below -20 degrees in the pipes. 

How Were Airplanes Invented
The inventors of the first airplane were Orville and Wilbur Wright. On December 17 the Wright Brothers made the first successful plane. The Wright’s used their proven biplane configuration. A key to the flyers success was its 3 axis control system. The Wrights refined the wings by covering the bottom surfaces with fabric. The ribs of 1903 were built from ash. A simple motor was used. The controls on the Wright flyer were the same as those on the 1902 glider. In December 1903 the Wright Brothers made history.

Who is Houdini? How did he die?
By: Jorja, Grace and Anastasia
Houdini’s actual name was harry Houdini
On the afternoon of October 22 1926 Harry Houdini was challenged to withstand 4 blows to the abdomen. He took the challenge. The person who challenged harry was named J Gordon Whitehead. Harry did not brace himself for the blows. They came before he was ready. He got 4 blows to the abdomen. But after the shots he was in great pain but still went on that night to give his performance. He could not sleep from the pain. He remained in pain for the next 2 days. Harry resisted medical help for a few days. He finally saw a doctor but it was too late. His appendix had burst and he was about to die.

Why Do Elephants Have Tusks?
Elephants have tusks to defend itself.  Males use tusks for fighting during reproduction season. Tusks are used to dig and move things. Some elephants don’t have tusks. Thai elephants without tusks called Seedor. Thai female elephants are called Pang.
-         -plai is Thai for male elephant with tusks. Chang is elephant in Thai. 7% of Thai elephants have tusks. Thai female elephants don’t have tusks; some have tushes which are large incisor teeth. Elephants are the largest land mammals in world.  Of all land animals elephants have largest brains. African female and male elephants both have tusks. African elephant tusks reach up to 3m (10 ft) in length. Tusks are enlarged incisor teeth made of ivory. Ivory is a hard white material derived from tusks and teeth of animals

Why Is Grass Green
Grass appears to be green because all of the colors in the rainbow are absorbed into the leaves of the grass except green. Grass and most other plants are green because they contain a pigment known as chlorophyll.

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