Friday, October 31, 2014

October 9 SOLE

Why should people stop smoking?

Smoking messes up your lungs. It makes your teeth yellow. You get a hole in your throat. You can get cancer. Your breath smells like cigarettes. It can affect people around you. The things you use smell bad. When you spend money on cigarettes you can become broke when you can be buying food instead. Smoking gives you oral health problems. Cigarettes include chemicals that can kill you. Your condition can be negatively affected. Smoking takes away minutes of your life. Smoking is disrespectful for the people around you. You can shorten the lives around you and animals. You can kill very important animals such as cows. When you smoke you set a bad example for your children. Make a smart decision whether to smoke or not. One day you will regret the day you started smoking. Smoking can give you several diseases like heart cancer. 440,000 people in the USA die from cigarettes. People start smoking when they are teens and get addicted until they are adults or even longer. Some people try to stop but they return in the first three days. Smoking is a habit that is hard to stop. A cigarette looks harmless enough tobacco is covered in white paper. When burned it releases ten chemicals which affect your body. When you have cancer diagnoses you may not know how important eating can be. Good nutrients can help you feel better and retain your strength. Depending the experience you might get side effects. Many of these side effects can change in taste smell and you can get diarrhea. The first cigarette was invented in 1865 made by Washington Duke on his 300 acre farm. Christopher Columbus smoked the first cigarette

Why do we have to Wear Bike Helmets

We have to wear bike helmets because we can get seriously injured.
If you don’t wear a helmet you can get an injured brain if you fall off.
A series of accidents made it the law to wear bike helmets when riding.
You’re most likely to get a broken arm when wearing a helmet or get a broken skull or fractured skull when wearing no helmet.
75% of people die because of head injuries.

Mason Matthew Keely Anastasia 

 How Do Zippers Work?

By Ben, Jumah, Tye and Tyson
The zipper is one of the simplest machines of modern times, It is also one of the most essential, but it is a useful device in our everyday lives. Zippers can only be manufactured using modern machines, but they are built around at two of the oldest machines known to man.
The teeth go into the zipper and the zipper squeezes the teeth together like puzzle pieces and get stuck together. To open the zipper the teeth go back through the zipper and get separated by the wall in the zipper. It was invented by Whitcom Jetson in 1844.

What Uses Seashells Have?
Marlene, Grace, Anya, Heaven
The ancient Chinese tried to solve problems by using seashells as money. Most seashells had living creatures in them when they were collected. Seashells are protecting the little creatures that live on the ocean floor. Many scientists would use seashells in their science projects. Seashells are found on the bottom of the ocean. Molluscs are a group of clams, mussels, and oysters. After the animal that created the shell dies, the shell washes up on the shore.

What Did Caveman Eat?
Emily, Lindsay, Jorja and Braydon. 
Caveman ate fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and meats. Caveman ate the organs, bone marrow, tongue and the eyeballs of an animal. Some grass seeds were eaten by caveman. Nuts are a source of protein and fat. Roots and sweet potatoes’ were available in some places. Caveman ate root vegetables, like carrots, turnips, parsnips and rutabagas. Some caveman ate honey from time to time. In the stone ages humans ate less meat. Caveman ate wild turkey. Before fire was invented caveman ate foods fresh and raw.   

What Is an Iceberg?
Matthew .H.    Jenson     Emma

An iceberg is a big piece of ice in the water. There is more ice on the bottom then there is on the top of the iceberg. A tip of an iceberg is only 30% of the iceberg. It forms when a part of an ice mountain breaks off. 3 quarters of the iceberg is under water.  It is mostly white because the ice is full of air bubbles. The tallest iceberg is 168 meters. Icebergs ice is fresh water.

Which Bees are the Deadliest?
Kiera, Josh, Alison, Peyton

 The deadliest bee is the GIANT Japanese hornet.
The Japanese hornet only comes out at night and if it stings you, the poison can get in you and you could die. The reason why the Japanese hornet is the deadliest bee is because when you get stung it hurts and the poison gets in you then either it kills you or gets you really sick.
How it gets you sick the stinger gets inside you and if you don’t take it out as soon as possible it will go into your body and get it really sick.

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