Monday, May 13, 2013

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What is Leprosy?

Leprosy is a skin disease where 1 in 10 catch it now a days. Leprosy is formed by bacteria. People in Africa, Asia and South America get it most often but it can be found anywhere.

Back in the old days you could catch Leprosy very easily and you would likely die from it. People then didn't have proper medical care like we do now. One story said that a man got leprosy and got it really bad on his fingers. He had to get his fingers removed. Leprosy also could have been bad in the Medieval times. Once one person got it it is likely that someone in your family will get it too because it is contagious. .

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In Medieval times how did they get there armour, horses and shields?

Everything costs money. Horse were very expensive to buy and look after. Metal shields and armour were also quite expensive to purchase from a blacksmith. That is why poor people often made wooden ones.

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Who was the first god to have a name?

The first god to have a name was Zeus and the first goddess was Aphrodite. Before Zeus a woman named Gaia and a man named Orianos gave birth to the Titans. The very first Titan was Kronos and the second was Prometheus.

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