Friday, May 17, 2013

This week the Grade 1/2 class came up with many questions during a discussion. My class took the time to research some of those questions.

How Does Electricity Work?
The flow of electrons creates electric current. Electric current is always going right back to where it came from in a kind of circle. The official name for the circle is circuit. Household electricity and its current flow can be easy to understand, if you compare it to plumbing in your home. If you think about it both water and electricity enter and exit your home after being distributed to where they are needed. Electricity flows through a network of boxes or devices to reach its destination. Electricity is used for any appliance you can plug into the network.
Atoms may contain several protons and electrons. Atoms are the building blocks of matter that make up everyday objects. A desk, the air we breathe and even us, we are made of atoms. There are 90 naturally occurring types of atoms. Scientists in labs have been able to make 25 more.
Also opposites attract in electricity.
Dora, Cody, Curtis

Are There Really Aliens?
I think that there aliens are real because think of the eastern island how would the rocks get there they would need machine and they would not have that kind of technology yet and if there are life forms on earth and we call them aliens but what if they are trying to see if we exist and they call us aliens. By. Sophia

I think that aliens are real because they are just like humans but they look different and they also might be in a different planet and know one knows if they are real and that is why I think aliens are real. By. Alisha

I think there are different life forms and they are not on earth. I think there will life forms can be advanced monkeys or advanced humans. There might be different aliens or advanced life forms there. there might be advanced life forms on different plants like Mercury, Mars ,Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn By. Andrew

I think that aliens exist because I there are humans and animals who says that there aren’t aliens in different planets and different life forms because there are galaxies that we cant explore. Have recently found two planets with a sun and blue, green and white which means water land and clouds. All of those mean life
By. Kaydn

Aliens Don’t Exist.
98% of the people do not believe in aliens. People have gone into space and have not seen aliens. If they came to earth they probably would not be able to walk.
Katelynne, Stewart

How Does TV Work?
In the 1950's there were 4 TV networks in the United States. Because of the frequencies built into the TV the signals could only be received in a line of sight which means the signal was sent from the station to your antenna on your TV. People in Pennsylvania solved the problem by putting antennas on hills and running cables to their house. Skye and Denyce

What Was Before The Dinosaurs?
There were lots of animals before the dinosaurs such as Tetropods, coal monsters, bugs, insects, small lizards and water animals. The bugs and insects we know were a lot different than they used to be. They were usually bigger.
There were also a lot of tetropods and coal monsters. Tetropods had 4 feet, laid eggs and had scaly skin. Two of the coal monsters were Diplocerapis and Dimetrodon. Dimetrodon was up to 11 feet long and had a sail to change its body heat. The diploceraspis had a U shaped head, soft skin, skinny tail, front legs,. It’s front legs were bigger than its back feet. Diploceraspis were 3 - 5 feet long.
Cameron, Andrew C., Nicky

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