Friday, May 24, 2013

Today's Questions!

Why do we have more than one gender?

We need more than one gender to reproduce and repopulate the Earth. It is important that We keep our species alive. There are female, male and transgender  genders on earth. Transgender could be a man, a woman, or both. Often they are people who are in the wrong body. Some types of trans genders include, transsexuals, transitives, crossed dressed, androgyne and drag kings and queens.

Sophia, Alisha, Skye and Dora

Why can't men have babies?

Men can't have babies because they don;t have a uterus or ovaries and no eggs. They are missing a few necessary parts. Their body doesn't produce the hormones. That means they cannot make or support a baby. They have no place for it to come out. Men have sperm and sperm fertilizes the eggs.

Abi, Andrew W., Adrian M and Denyce

Why are some people treated better than other people?

Popular people are popular because everyone feels that if they are not nice to them then the popular person will turn their friends against them. Popular people often get more friends because they put people down which makes them a bully. Some popular people are trying to build a better life for themselves because they had a bad life. They are jealous.

Maddie, Kaiya, Breanna, Lee
What is flesh?

Flesh is under the skin and covers the muscles. Flesh is one of the most important parts of your body.

Stewart, Owen, Cody, Curtis

Why do we have a face?

We need a face so we can eat, smell and see with. It holds all these things on it.

Chelsey, Caden and Aidan

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