Friday, May 17, 2013

One more Grade 1/2 question. Thanks Cali!

Our question is why do people pass on their things when they pass away?

Maddie’s opinion My opinion is people pass there things on when the pass away because people in their family have a more sentimental value when they have something from the person who passed away or they might pass a famous recipe thats a secret or something like that.

Abigail’s opinion, My opinion is that if they have something from the person that died then they would feel like they have a part of them or that feel closer. They also could worth a bit of money because usually they are a bit older and  older stuff is more expensive . it could also be if there was 1 thing that meant something to them and they didn’t want to get rid of it because they got when they were young or they got it from their relative that has passed. and thats my opinion!!         

Lee’s opinion, My opinion is that they pass things on to there kids or grandkids to get money for something or to keep it to remember  them or to save it until it is worth a lot.

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