Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why did the Pope resign?
by Lee, Maddy, Adrian M., Katelynne

One of the reasons the pope resigned was because of Old Age.He felt he could not do some the things he had been doing. As he was older the work was too much for him to keep up with. He more or less retired.

How did dogs get their name?
Dora, Alisha, Owen, Kaiya

Dogs were named after after an Old English word, dogge, meaning a powerful breed.The smartness of a dog depends on the brain of the dog itself and of the breed. Dog means male in the canidae family as opposed to the female dog which is called a bitch. We discovered some research that suggested cats are smarter than dogs. Some people believe this to be true while others do not.

Why do frogs eat flies?
Abi, Nick, Andrew W.

Frogs eat flies because they are hungry. It is a source of protein which the frogs need. They also eat anything smaller than them. They use their tongue to capture their food.

What is Progeria?
Breanna, Sophia, Andrew C., Emily

Progeria is a disease that makes kids age 8x faster than normal. They usually die when in their early teens to mid twenties. Most children are diagnosed with it in their first few months. One symptom is a skin condition. Once they are around 18 - 20 months old they will have had limited growth. They will have a small face with a tiny mouth and pinched nose. Later the condition causes wrinkled skin, kidney failure, loss of eye sight, loss of hair, tighter skin, cardiovascular problems and a more fragile body. As they age their bodies become like that of an elderly person.

Why do people smoke if they know it is bad for them?
Cameron, Denyce, Caden, Adrian D.

Kids do it to make themselves look more cool. They also do it to belong  to a group. Sometimes they do it to rebel against their parents. Some people smoke because they are encourage to by seeing it in movies and on television. It still seems like it is too easy to get cigarettes.

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