Friday, May 31, 2013

What is a Hypochondriac?
Abi, Alisha, Cody, Cameron

A hypochondriac is a person who worries or talks incessantly about their health. In a hypochondriac  a headache is interpreted as a brain tumor. The person is obsessed with every little thing about their body. It involves the ideas that you are seriously ill. The symptoms may be imaginary or real. Hypochondria is a medical condition. It affects both men and women. It often is found with a history of abuse.

What is Insomnia?
Breanna, Madison, Skye, Kaiya

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that will not allow you to sleep well if at all for a number of days at a time. Some of the symptoms are depression, stress, fear, shaking,  and lack of sleep. If you just stay up because you choose to  and the only symptom you have is you can't sleep it is unlikely that you have insomnia. If you think you have insomnia you should contact your doctor.

Why do people go blind?
Lee, Nick, Owen, Sophia

It can happen accidentally or by disease or injury. It can be caused by extreme lighting such as lasers or sunlight. There is something called hysterical blindness when a severe trauma causes the brain to reject the ability to see. Tiny blood vessels in your eyes swell destroying the retina or optic nerve. Some people are born blind.

How do you make a movie?
Curtis and Stewart

You start off by recording a scene and then add props to it. When that is done you see the recording of it and see what you need to fix. Then you record the scene again until you get it right. In the end you watch what you have recorded and decide if it is good or not.

Why do some people sing better than other people?
Denyce, Emily, Adrian M., Dora

Some people have better vocal cords. They also have more practice at singing so they become better at it. Some people are more natural at singing. It is like everything else, with practice, effort, and desire you will become better. You can do anything if you try. It's very inspiring. Singing can play with your emotions.

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