Friday, May 24, 2013

This week my class crafted a letter to Sugata Mitra. They wanted to tell him how much they appreciate SOLE.

Here is the letter:

Dear Sugata Mitra,
We have been working on SOLE and we all love it. We think your idea is amazing! Through your idea we have set some goals.  Some of our goals are: go to the Google Office, make a website, make a blog, and get tablets. Through this we have also met some awesome people. One of those people is the founder of VizzEco. His name is Andrew Grieg. Since we started this almost all of the behaviour issues have gone away. We have also learned a lot. And being in a split class it feels like its 2 classes but since we have done  SOLE we have blended. At the beginning nobody would talk to anyone but they’re friends ever since we started  SOLE. All the grade 4 and 5 have become friends and we all talk to each other. We have learned about so many things and shared our ideas with the class. Some other classes have started using  SOLE.
Thank you for coming up with SOLE. We have never been happier at school!
Would you be able to come and visit our class. We would love to meet you.

Pretty impressive stuff. Yesterday I e-mailed it to an address I had had found for him. It came back that he could not be found there. I gave it some thought and came up with another idea and it worked! This morning I opened up my e-mail and to my astonished eyes there was a reply.

Dear Bill,
Thanks for your mail. I am so happy you liked SOLE.
One day, I hope I will be able to visit you.
All the best,
More pandemonium. Great joy!

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