Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We have been researching tablets on the chance that we will be able to purchase some for our class.  We have been looking at the iPad2, Google Nexus, Acer, Lenovo, Asus, Microsoft and Samsung Galaxy tablets. We examined the specs and made a chart. We then discovered that there were some things on the specs that we didn't know enough about to make an informed decision so we started to research those things. We will do more tomorrow but here is what we found today.

The Lightning Cord. The lightning cord is a smaller version of most cords that plug in for electrcity. It is easier to use because it is not as easy to jam it into the connector. It is lighter in weight and more portable to carry.
Maddie, Kaiya, Lee, Breanna

WIFi: Wifi is a wireless network that people use to connect with their devices and the internet. It sends radio waves to a hub.

Andrew W.

Anti Virus Protection: An anti virus protection system is a high leveled system  to stop viruses from slowing you work or harming your tablet. It stops Trojans, worms, bugs, key loggers, hi jackers, dialers and other harmful things. It defends against malicious software.

Dora, Alisha, Adrian D.

Centtral Processing Unit: A central processing unit is the brain of the computer. It interprets and executes instructions and data programs. All the CPU does is run programby fetching instructions from RAM, evaluating them and executing them in sequence. The cpu breaks it into different parts and does different things.

Sophia, Nick, Cameron, Curtis

The Ice Cream Sandwich: The ice cream sandwich is an operating system. It is the thing in the tablets that makes it work.

Abi, Skye, Denyce, and Chelsey

4 G network: A 4G network makes the computer work faster. The more G's in the connection the faster the internet will work.



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